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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just letting people know that I am now using the DISQUS commenting platform. Some comments, for whatever reasons, don't come through - or are displayed on my Blogger comment box, but not on the blog. Huh? Anyway, if I do not reply to a comment of yours, please do not be angry - I probably am unable to reply for technical reasons. :(

I'm still ill with a cold. Since the heat ducts under our house are broken due to flooding, we have not had heat for about a month. The landlord (we rent) is working on it, but it is taking a long time. To stay warm, I am forced to remain in the living room in front of a space heater. Because the electrical system is fickle, we can't plug in too many heaters, so most of the house is cold.

In the mornings, I have recently discovered a delightful little channel with perfect morning programming - TTV or Tokyo TV. It's channel 174 for me, and I have fallen in love! In the mornings, they have different programs from NHK World that feature life and culture in Japan. They are in English, and they explore everything from gardens, language, umbrella makers, young Sherpas, hotels and hospitality, the different seasons, and fashion. The programs are not slick - they have canned music and feel "older", but they focus on beautiful locations. The pace is slow and relaxed as they explore different locales in Japan or follow the day of a particular resident. They have been very insightful, and deepen my love for Japan even more. I loved the episode about the traditional umbrella maker, and this morning they had a 15 minute show that explained the differences in Japanese hotels from American ones.

The best programming tends to be in the mornings, and they have news and business stuff for the rest of the day. What I love is the variety of shows (some are quite short) and the non-violent, relaxed, sweet content. It is the perfect way to wake up and enjoy my morning coffee.

To see if you also get TTV which features NHK World in the mornings, check this website.

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