Building that Vintage Wardrobe and Daiso-Fever

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Inside the arcade at JapanTown. They even had that crazy game where you get points based on how aggressively you flip over a dinner table. 

I’m slowly getting to that point of fashion that I have always wanted: when you look good from head to toe, without tacky “endpoints” like clunky shoes, a too-modern purse, or gloves. A good outfit is more than just the central dress or blouse - it’s everything. I’ve always had statement pieces, but for many years I was sorely lacking in accessories and shoes. I used to feel cheap, juvenile, and half-assed when I went out.  For my last few outings (they are not that common), I have truly felt beautiful because I have felt together. At last I feel that I am shedding my younger self and emerging as more of a lady. Many months (hell, years!) of patient combing and gleaning for accessories has borne fruit. 
Last week, I treated myself to a beautiful dress from the late 1950s (see top picture). Wonderfully constructed, it borders on Early-Mod and fits me beautifully. It feels like a Lolita dress, but a little more sophisticated. I adore it!

Over Thanksgiving break I visited JapanTown again for some much needed Daiso-therapy. I actually needed that stuff, I swear! Daiso is a “Dollar-Fifty” store in SF’s JapanTown mall. Rows upon rows of Japanese products for a mere buck-fifty, most of them far more aesthetically pleasing than what you’d find in American dollar stores. On that same note, shopping at Daiso doesn’t leave an unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach, like shopping at Wal-Mart or DollarTree does.

Boot inserts? $6 at Container Store, $1.50 at Daiso (and they’re cuter!). Adorable ruffled shower cap? $1.50 at Daiso and $12 everywhere else. Hey, I get to spend what the product is actually worth! Also picked up a facial scrubber in the shape of a rosebud, a small pink drawer organizer for the art studio, earphones to replace the ones I keep breaking during aerobic gallivanting, and some other useful goodies. I got the items I needed for $20 and left feeling satisfied.

At the museum in faux-vintage. Everything is contemporary (and purchased at thrift stores!). 

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