Why you need to go to the Dickens Fair! A teaser!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The weekends of November 23- December 23 (and the Friday after Thanksgiving).
10am - 7pm (stay all the way to the end for caroling!)

It will soon be time for my favorite holiday tradition - the Great Dickens Christmas Fair! If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area in California and have even a slight interest in history, I suggest you visit. Held in the cavernous stock barns of The Cow Palace, the streets of Victorian London are lovingly recreated and populated with hundreds of trained actors. They portray numerous characters from Dickens, historical figures, and various city folk and travelers. There is a wealth of delicious Victorian food, activities, shopping, shows, and entertainment. It's a truly immersive experience unlike anything that I can think of.

Think the Victorians are too "prude" for you? Oh boy, are you in for a surprise. You might just see Victorians (and history geeks!) in a very different light after visiting The Fair. Be sure to get tickets for "Naughty French Postcards"!

If you have never been, I wanted to give you a little teaser by showcasing some wonderful photos of the fair. Enjoy!

All of these wonderful photos are from various artists on Flickr. Flickr can make it difficult to share photos, so some are links instead of thumbnails. Show your appreciation for their work  by visiting their galleries and faving or commenting!

The parlor at The Adventurer's Club. Photo by marianme.

Mr. Dickens himself in the family parlor. Photo by maywong_photos

Victoria and Albert enjoy a reading from Mr. Edgar Allen Poe in the "Adventurer's Club". 

One of 'The Ruffles' at Mad Sal's.

Sketching an enchanting model with The Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood. 

The melancholy Edgar Allen Poe. Photo by tuna94544

A corner of "Le Legion Fantastique". 
Another little detail. 

The Can-Can Girls of Mad Sal's. Their show is delightful! Photo by tuna94544

Try as they might, their message is often ignored! Photo by tuna94544

Anyone who thinks these people are "lonely nerds" are wrong, wrong, WRONG. Dickens Fair is the site of some the bawdiest fun you'll ever see this holiday season. Photo by tuna94544
Fagin. Photo by tibchris.
One of the two living windows outside Dark Garden Corsetry. Photo by tibchris.
Live, genuine gentlemen. Yes, they still exist. Yes, they can be found in decently large quanities at Dickens Fair. Photo by tibchris.

Sir Mulberry Hawk from Nicholas Nickleby. Photo by tibchris

Chimney Sweep! Kiss them for good luck! Photo by tibchris.
I hope these photos have enticed you to visit this year!

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I'm going on Dec 2!!! Yay!!!

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