Gaskell Ball - October 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Another fantastic, wondrous Gaskell Ball! The October Ball is always one of most exciting, and for good reason! It's a "Fancy Dress" ball, which references the Victorian practice of dressing up in fanciful, historic, and Shakespearean costumes. So, we spend the night dressing up as Victorians dressing up...

The ceiling...
Duke and I originally planned in going in Indian dress, but we still need more accessories before we can really do those outfits justice, so we wore our Lolita outfits. I wore my favorite Peach Dress, cream tights, character shoes (brand new!), and lace socks, while Duke wore his minty Nehru jacket, trousers, and expansive bow. I wore Victorian-style side curls with flower and rose clips. I had nice curls when I left the house, but sitting quietly in the car was enough to straighten them. I still can't get my curls to set!
We arrived right as the Grand March started, but I had to dress and apply makeup in the ladies lounge, so we started dancing halfway through the first set, starting with a Congress of Vienna (our favorite dance). It's a unique feeling to know a choreographed social dance like the Congress. I'm usually looking at my beau, but every so often I take a glance at the floor and the other dancers. To see a crowd of beautifully costumed dancers partaking in such a romantic tradition gives me a sense of security and satisfaction. Ah, everything might turn out all right. Civility, gentleness, and elegance still exists in the souls of these good people. With every step and gesture, we keep these practices alive.


Here's a video of the Galop from that night! There is usually only one Galop per night, and boy, that's enough! It's a fast, frightening, fun, slightly dangerous dance that is usually described as "Victorian Bumper-cars". You hold your partner close and charge  into the crowd, trying your best not to slam into anyone, but casual bumps are normal and fun. It's even better to charge at your friends! Some people try to cross the brass disk set into the center of the floor as many times as they can. You are at the will of your leader, and there is always lots of joyful yelps and woohoos. You can see Duke and I come into the center of the video at 0:04.

Turning into a puddingpuff in the lobby.

After singing our praises to the Queen (yes, we sing "God Save the Queen" after every ball), we headed off to Afters in Berkeley, where I had an apple torte, vegetable chili, and hot chocolate! Can't wait until next the next ball in December!

Barre en Pointe Video!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Took the beginner/mixed level class en pointe last week. Still struggling with a stiff neck and back. :(

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