Heading to "Civil War Days"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We have a smattering of all sorts of historical events here in the California Bay Area, including an American Civil War reenactment! Civil War Days is a weekend event in Duncan Mills that I have been attending for the past few years. A picturesque valley near the Russian River is turned into a battleground flanked by the Union and Confederate campgrounds. While I'm not a Civil war buff, I do greatly enjoy this event - who doesn't love cannon fire and horse-drawn artillery?

In addition, the merchants at this event are truly intriguing - instead of selling stupid nicknacks, night lights, clay cherubs that hang from your teapot, and clumps of gears glued together, they sell actual historical accouterments for reenactors in addition to other useful and tasteful products. I have purchased more at this event in just 2-3 years than I have in my 7 years+ going to Dickens Fair.

This year, my beloved Duke and I are going together for the first time. We intend to watch both battles and spend the evening in the funky town of Guerneville!

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Haruhi13 said...

Oh, wow! It sounds like so much fun~ ^ ^ Not to mention that area is just lovely!

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