Ingres Study - Wandesford

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ingres Study - Wandesford by ~Stagsleap on deviantART

Yes, I am still around! Over the summer, I little time for anything due to a very grueling work schedule. Now that I am settled back in school, I can begin to pursue art again. I really want to spend less time on the computer and more time drawing and painting. I feel like the internet can be very toxic at times, and for that reason I have severely limited my time on Facebook. 

This quick study took around 30 minutes in the school library. It was very refreshing to sketch again! I really love Ingres' work, and I intend to study more of his sketches in the immediate future. Ideally, I would like ot try rendering some of his paintings in Copics. He has a very linear, clean style that appeals to me. 

This is from "Jospeh Woodheda and his wife, born Harriet Comber, and her Brother, Henry George Wandesford Comber" (1816). This is the rather attractive brother, Henry. ;)
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