Fanime and Clockwork Alchemy! 2 days!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm now in full convention mode as I gear up for Fanime and Clockwork Alchemy! It's going to be tricky dividing my time between both an insane anime convention and a brand-new steampunk convention, but I'll manage!

While I'll still be doing a little cosplay, I will probably be focusing more on my vintage, Victorian, and steampunk ensembles. My boyfriend, Duke, and I have never had a proper photoshoot done with us in our Victorian outfits, and we intend to change that this year!

Look for me at the Princess Tutu cosplay gathering on Sunday at 11am. Not sure if I will attend the Kuroshitsuji gatherings, however.

The highlight of the con will certainly be The Emperor Norton Ball at Clockwork Alchemy. It's going to blow Fanime's Black and White Ball out of the water, to be sure. I've written a little blurb about it over at my DA journal, so take a gander if you're interested in this dance event: Thinking about attending the B&W Ball at Fanime?

So excited! Can't wait!

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