OPI "Instinct of Color" Commercial

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Have you ever watched something that made you jump up and down like a kid and squeal - "that's me!"?

Not that it's literally YOU on the television (or magazine, or computer, etc), but that whatever you're watching seems to have boiled down the essence of what it means to be you and transformed it into mainstream media? Maybe something that so beautifully aligns your interests and passions that you feel almost as if it was designed specifically for you?

Well, that happened to me today...

The nail polish company, OPI, created a breathtaking commercial depicting a dance-off between a haute ecole dressage horse and a group of dancers. Oh. My. God.

I just about lost it when the ballerina and the horse bowed to each other.

The horse is a black thoroughbred who appears to be named "Lady in Black", but I have been unable to find any more information on the equine, except that he/she was trained by Mario Luraschi. Those who are not as familiar with horses might be surprised to know that nearly all of the horse's "dance moves" are real. You have not seen true nobility until you have seen a haute ecole-trained horse!

I think I might use this commercial to introduce myself to people. I have not spoken much about my equine-obsessed side of my life, but it's there! Perhaps I'll post some pictures in the future. :)

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