Ohgosh, a lovely ballet shoutout!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How can I express my happiness right now?

LegalBallerina.com has posted a lovely shoutout to me!
A ballet video that I posted on YouTube almost exactly one year ago has garnered over 34,000 views. The video shows various clips of me en pointe during a beginner ballet/pointe class at a local studio. I firmly believe that ballet is one of the most elegant, uplifting, noble pursuits that a human being can undertake, and I also believe that ballet should not remain only in the realm of children, but should be more accessible to adults who make the brave decision to learn ballet at a later age.
What brings me the most joy from posting videos of my ballet adventures is the inspiration and hope it can bring to adults and older teens who are under the impression that the ballet world is not open to them.

Legal Ballerina of http://legalballerina.com is also chronicling her adventures in learning ballet. She has a very well put-together blog! I first discovered her blog after examining my YouTube statistics - I noticed that a decent number of my ballet video views were coming from her website. After a little digging, I found that my Adult Beginner Pointe video was linked in her sidebar! I was flattered! I quickly dropped her a note of thanks and she wrote a new blog post about me and how my video has been a source of inspiration on her own ballet journey! She writes:
"It is because of Miss Etherington (along with my teachers, fellow students and family) that I believed that it was possible to learn ballet and advance to en pointe at my age. I still like watching her video. If you take a look, notice how nice her sous-sus is and how strong her legs look. Her feet are beautiful too."

I'm all a-flutter! Thank you darling!

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Amy Liebert said...

Wow Emma, that is all really amazing, go you! 

I began ballet as a teenager. I only kept it up for a few years, but I got an amazing amount out of it and I know it gave me an awareness of movement and my body I would not otherwise have had. 

Amy Liebert said...

That was Amy, btw.... my google ID doesn't seem to be showing up...

Legalballerina said...

If anyone should be blushing, it should be me.  Your videos are helpful and you are a really good dancer.

BTW -  you have a beautiful turnout too.  You should be really proud of yourself.  You hard work shows.  Keep in touch! 

Joie Brown said...

Ooo how exciting! I'm glad. I love that video, personally. Did you know I have a  ballet blog as well? :)

E. Etherington said...

 Yes, I -think- I'm following you.... What's your blog URL?

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